Florida Title Insurance

Understanding Florida Real Estate Title Insurance and Rates

What is the definition of title insurance? Florida title insurance is a mysterious fee to most buyers in a real estate purchase, but is an important part of any Florida real estate purchase or refinance. Real estate title insurance, unlike most types of insurance, insures the property title for the time period extending backward from a point in time rather than forward. This means that when a buyer purchases a piece of Florida real estate, a Florida title insurance policy insures or otherwise guarantees that the buyer is protected if a defect in the property title is discovered. Property defect examples may include, but are not limited to, any the following situations:

These examples are only a few of the issues which can appear and affect the title of property. There are many more potential problems, including issues involving real estate developers, condominium conversions, permit liens, utility liens, survey errors or omissions, water rights and access, docks, condominium association mortgages, foreclosure liens and filings, and mortgage fraud. Lenders typically require a mortgagee title insurance policy to provide a guarantee of the quality of their collateral. Always choose your own real estate title insurance agent to guarantee against any conflict of interest. Problems can arise when a title insurance company is owned by the mortgage broker or lender.

Florida title insurance rates are set by the Florida department of insurance. A Florida title insurance owner’s policy and a Florida title insurance mortgagee policy are generally issued simultaneously, with the policy of lesser value having only a nominal premium rate. The scale of Florida title insurance rate premiums is as follows based on the insurance amount:

Most Lenders also require additional Florida title insurance endorsements, which increase the protection for the lender, and have additional Florida title insurance rates.

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